Which contains an amorous fantasy, content with platonic love

Original Poem, “Que contiene una fantasia contenta con amor decente”

Translation of “Que contiene una fantasía contenta con amor decente” by Alix Ingber

Halt, you shadow of my fleeting joy,

image of the charms I most desire,

lovely dream for whom I laughing die,

sweet untruth for whom I grieving live.

If to the magnet of your graces’ pull,

my heart responds like an obedient steel,

to what end do you court me, flattering

if later you will mock me, fugitive?

But don’t think you can boast, self-satisfied,

that your tyranny triumphs over me:

for though you’ve fled and the tight noose have mocked

that once encircled your fantastic form,

I care not that you mock my arms and breast

for in my mind’s own prison you are locked.


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