In which she satisfies suspicion with the rhetoric of weeping

Original Poema: En que satisface un recelo con la retorica del llanto

Translation of “En que satisface un recelo con la retorica del llanto” by Alix Ingber

This afternoon, my love, while we were talking,

and in your face and acts I clearly saw

that with my words I never would convince you,

I wished my heart could overcome your doubts;

and Love, who all my efforts was assisting,

achieving what so impossible had seemed:

for in tears, which in my grief were spilling,

a heart unloosed, dissolved, came trickling out.

Enough, my love, of cruelty, enough;

let brutal jealousy no more torment you,

nor let low fears your mind’s peace countermand

with foolish fantasies, with empty signs,

for in a liquid form you’ve seen and touched

my heart unloosed, dissolved between your hands.


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