In which she allays mistrust with rhetoric of tears.

Original Poem: “En que satisface un receto con la retorica del llanto”

Translation of “En que satisface un recelo con la retorica del llanto” by Dia Tsung

This evening, my love, as I with you I was speaking,

When on your face, your feelings I observed,

And when my words I saw could not persuade you

To see whereof it was my heart desired,

Love came to my aid, to help me with my cause

And win what seemed to be beyond achieving.

Then between the ache and flooding tears

Was the essence of my dismantled heart distilled

Enough my love, be done with harshness: Cease!

Neither let tyranny and jealousy torment you

Nor let vile suspicions your concern obstruct

With foolish shadows tinged with vanities,

When now in liquid form you see and touch

My heart unmade, undone, within your hands.


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